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Pathways, Walkways and Roadways

Pathways, Walkways and Roadways

Pathways and walkways with build ups of algae, moss, chewing gum, and food not only become discoloured but dangerous for pedestrians and presents a poor image of an area.

Our specialist pressure washing equipment with a combination of heat and pressure will completely refurbish and transform your pathways and walkways.

We will also undertake roadway and pathway pressure washing prior to redressing, lining and application of anti skid surfaces.

With our ultra high pressure water jetting equipment , we can offer road marking removal, anti skid removal and rubber and paint removal from all types of surface.

We operate 24 hours a day and can offer shift work during less busy hours to complete jobs overnight or when the thorough fare is less busy.

Pathways, Walkways and Roadways Pathways, Walkways and RoadwaysPathways, Walkways and Roadways